Why is SUICIDE Illegal?? [A Euthanasia Video]

Why is SUICIDE Illegal?? [A Euthanasia Video] Public

Warm Potato

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Suicide is illegal, Why? Because its so close to the issue of euthanasia! What's that? Assisted Suicide! You're confused? Very simple - in areas like Belgium and The Netherlands, Euthanasia is practiced regularly and the laws are actually rather loose on this topic. Assisted Suicide used to be an issue for the terminally ill, now there's a push for assisted suicide on demand, for when you simply become tired of living! (More information in the video of course!) Suicide is illegal but if ever it was LEGAL - we may be facing a slippery slope. Do we provide suicide drugs to anyone who's tired of living? What's the age limit? So many questions - so little time if we're allowed to kill ourselves randomly...

Finished the video? Recall these points:
* Its a matter of healthcare
* Suicide under the influence of hormones/pills?
* We should worry about normalization
* Muh Economy
* "Its a mental illness"
* "Its a valid choice"
* "Quadraplegics" (should be allowed to or no?)

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